F3-Future Focus Farm

Future Focus Farms (F3) developed as a result of the combined interest of Dr William Curtis and Chef Kimberly Curtis. Both share the philosophy that long-term health centers around proper food and lifestyle choices.
Encouraging his patients to utilize food as medicine, Dr. Curtis identified a need for a locally grown, high quality food sources he could confidently recommend to his patients.
Chef Kimberly encourages her followers to recognize that food is fuel and provides online recipes and resources centering around meals dense in phytonutrients and healthy fats.
At F3 our animals enjoy pesticide, antibiotic and hormone-free food. We have carefully designed the farm so our animals can forage for most of their food as nature intended. These efforts translate into more wholesome food for our customers personal use and for our valued restaurant partners.
Future Focus Farms cultivates quality food for your future!